Natural Gas / LP Generators


Power range: 98kW/136Hp to 287kW/384Hp

Grandwatt Natural gas engines deliver the strong power and durability required for generator, water pumper, and compressor applications. Its' 6-cylinder inline block, turbocharged and after-cooled engine features, replaceable, wet liners, water-cooled exhaust, and a water to air after-cooler with an individual radiator.

Superior engine performance is provided by an ECM that integrates and coordinates all critical functions including ignition system, variable air fuel ratio control, speed governor, as well as engine monitor & protection.

The 6L14TWG is a dedicated and factory-built natural gas engine that is based on one of the most globally popular diesel engines. It shares many of the same parts and components as its' diesel counterpart, and it operates on rich-burning & low-cost natural gas.



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Engine Control Module
Constantly monitors engine sensors, Ignition System, Air Fuel Ratio, Speed Governor and fuel system.

High-Energy Ignition System
Performance and longer service intervals, durable spark plugs and coils.

High-Efficiency Cooling System
The High-Efficiency engine radiator, Electric fan and the individual High-Efficiencyradiator for the water to air after-cooler, to drive more intake air to the cylinders.

Accessory Belt Drive System
Self-tensioning serpentine polyvee belt accessory drive system for water pump, engine-mounted fan hub and alternator.

Extendable Base Frame
Extendable Base Frame with anti-vibration system allows for easy installation of alternator, water pump or compressor.

Optional Control System for Generator set
Auto & remote start controller with multi protection & monitors are inside a weather proof enclosure. The highly protective wire harness is adjustable for any configuration.

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6L5.9TWG 130Hp/97kW 1800rpm/1500rpm

6L8.3TWG 178Hp/133kW 1800rpm/1500rpm

6L8.9TWG 232Hp/173kW 1800rpm/1500rpm

6L14TWG 365Hp/273kW 1800rpm/1500rpm



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