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Effective Sept. 1, 2016


In order to ensure timely response and proper credit, please follow the outlined policy for submitting claims to Grandwatt . It is crucial you use the correct forms, supply the proper information and return all used parts.In order for a claim to be considered for warranty re-imbursement forms must be filed with Grandwatt Warranty Dept. within 60 days of FAILURE Date.

PLEASE NOTE: All warranty claims MUST be reported to the Grandwatt warranty dept PRIOR to havingany work done, if the repair is to be considered for warranty. Grandwatt will provide a warranty Claim Number, direction for replacement parts quotes and service center information if applicable. Warrantyclaims submitted without prior approval may be rejected.


Generator claims are to be submitted on the “Generator” claim form. Please ensure you have included the needed data including Generator Serial #, Engine serial# Current Hour Meter Reading, Photos or video clip of issue, complete details of issue and copy of maintenance history on unit. Copy of the maintenance record will be needed for any repair involving the engine or alternator.

In the Failure Description, please include a detailed description of the problem. Also please indicate what was connected to the generator, type of cabling and distance of cable, type of load being pulled, hours per day of run-time prior to failure and jobsite environment. If the detail requires a separate sheet please use that and note “See Attached Detail” in this section. (This information is ALWAYS needed, so please obtain)

In the Corrections Made, please detail what was done , what parts were replaced, what post repair tests were done (1 hour load stepped load bank test, etc ) and final outcome (unit tested okay for service)

Please take detailed pictures of damage during inspection and repair and hold until requested. If the factory asks for images of the issue, then it can be provided, moving the claim along faster. If there is a question upfront, please take pictures of damaged item(s) and email to grandwattservice@grandwattelectric.com along with your initial analysis.

In the PARTS REPLACED, please list all parts used, Part#, quantity and unit price. If the parts list is long, please use the PARTS tab of the worksheet and carry over the BOTTOM LINE total with the words “SEE PARTS SHEET” in line 1 or 2 of the first page parts list. Note: Shipping for warranty parts is typically NOT reimbursed.

In the Labor section please put in the time spent on repair. NOTE: Grandwatt WARRANTY REIMBURSES DIRECT LABOR AT $60.00 per hour, so normal street rates will not apply. If your claim involves sub labor from a 3rd party please include a copy of that invoice with your warranty claim form and enter the total on the claim form as “Sub Labor” in the labor section.

When submitting the claim, please send PDF form emailed to you by the Grandwatt Warranty Dept. Please save the file as the WC# issued to you previously. We will utilize that into our system and link our Claim# to your internal number. You DO NOT need to actually sign the document – Typing your name in will suffice.

Transportation is covered up to a maximum of 300 miles per instance at $.70 per mile.
Please outline any transport costs in the “Parts Replaced” section of the claim form. (note, the factory will not recognize a flat rate or a labor time – please use the mileage and rate)

Please use 1 Claim Sheet per unit.


Light tower claims are submitted on the Grandwatt Light Tower Claim form. The more information and detail provided, the faster the claims get processed. As with the others form, please submit the PDF form provided.

Warranty Labor rates follow the same process as the Generators.


After initial contact to Grandwatt Warranty Dept, you will directed to whom you should contact for repair,including using an Authorized Service Center. To process a claim from an authorized Grandwatt Service Center, you would be responsible for the initial repair bill. The Service Center will provide you with the parts for Return (Engine/Alternator exception) and you will submit a copy of the original bill to Grandwatt Warranty Dept. along with the proper claim forms filled out. The repair documents from the service center will have the detail needed on the diagnosis, work being done and final test, you will only need to answer a few preliminary items on the sheet and provide as much detail as possible about the job environment and how it was hooked up.


All used parts must be tagged and returned to Grandwatt within 15 days of submitting your claim. Toensure compliance, please tag each part with Unit Model and Serial#, Date of Repair, and the same Reference number you used on the claim form. All parts should be sent prepaid to


1013 Obici Industrial Blvd.

Suffolk, VA 23434

Attn – Warranty Claims

In the case of Alternator or Engine replacement, Grandwatt will follow up to determine the best course of action with regards to return of replacement parts prior to shipping.


Parts needed for warranty work can be ordered directly from Grandwatt. Note: You are responsible to pay your parts invoice on time, even though this might be warranty. Warranty Credit/Reimbursement will take place once the claim has cleared Grandwatt Management review and also the final Factory Evaluation. (This process can take 30-60 days for review and is not guaranteed that service, or parts are claimable under warranty).


When needed, the factories may release a service bulletin to address a potential issue discovered in the field. While these TSB’s will not typically involve taking a unit out of service, it is important that they be addressed if your unit(s) fall within the scope of the TSB. When a TSB is issued, you will receive instructions on how to obtain the necessary parts (if applicable) and the allotted labor time to bill back for applying the TSB to your unit. Warranty claims from a unit failure where a TSB had not been implemented could be denied.


Grandwatt reserves the right to inspect any unit under warranty claim. We therefore suggest you keepcopies of all warranty claims documents and maintenance service records should any question come up. If there is need for inspection, we will ask you NOT to ship parts back and to have them available along with the unit. All routine as well as non-routine service should be documented for every unit obtained from Grandwatt. These service documents should include the date of service, Model and Serial (or inner companyasset ID with a cross reference), Hours on unit at time of service, type of work done, list of materials utilized (with part/model#) and final checkout. It is important to document Filter part#’s (Manufacturer of filter and filter part#, Oil Manufacturer and type). Warranty claims resulting from lack of proper maintenance, or no documented maintenance could be denied. (Periodic service stickers without backup will not suffice). PLEASE HAVE COPIES OF ALL SERVICE RECORDS AVAILABLE IF REQUESTED.


The more information sent in up front, the faster the claims process will go. We typically see a 30-60 day claim turnaround process once submitted to Grandwatt Warranty Dept. If the unit is owned by you (or your company), then a reimbursement may come in the form of a check, or a credit against money owed to Grandwatt. Our Credit Department, will work that out with you.

If the unit is 3rd party (one of your customers, or a service referral, you have 2 choices….

1)Hold the unit until after the claim is approved and then paid for by Grandwatt

  • a.You may choose, on your own to hold off completing the work until the claim is approved –depending on the claim and its severity.

2)Have the customer pay for their unit and once the claim is approved, issue them a credit.

  • a.We would suggest this if the unit is needed back in the field quickly.

We hope this document and the accompanying policy sheets and claim forms will have made it easy for you in case you need to submit a warranty claim. Should you have any questions, you can contact GrandwattWarranty Dept. at grandwattservice@grandattelectric.com. If you need to reach out to someone directlyplease direct your emails and/or calls to:

Michael Nelson - Inside Sales Support/Warranty

Cell: (757) 925-2899

Email: mnelson@grandwattelectric.com

Patrick Everett - International Sales Manager

Cell: (757) 925-2899



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